European Journalists Network

Membership is open to active journalists working in Baltic Rim countries. Public affairs professionals may join as associates.

President: Adrian Soto

Bilal Dalkılıç
Pat Humphreys
John Pagni
Violetta Teetor

Mail address: Kongontie 12 A 2, 00560 Helsinki, Finland


(on 13 March 2016) Arja Aho freelance
  Joe Brady freelance
  Bilal Dalkılıç Cihan
  Kambiz Ghafouri freelance
  Eeva Haltsonen NCC
  Henrik Helenius ANB
  Hector Hernandez freelance
  Pat Humphreys NCC
  Matti Huuhtanen AP
  Andreas Jacobsen freelance
  Kirsti Kajanne freelance
  J-P Kervinen freelance
  Juha Klemola freelance
  Peter Lönnberg public affairs
  John Pagni freelance
  Irmeli Palmu freelance
  Alvaro Pardo freelance
  Sheila Riikonen freelance
  Adrián Soto El Païs
  Wif Stenger YLE
  Claudius Technau freelance
  Violetta Teetor freelance
  Denisa Udroiu freelance
  Hannele Vuori freelance
  Fran Weaver freelance
  Monika Winqvist Otavamedia


To apply for membership of the EJN, please complete the following form. All the information on it, apart from your name and media, will remain confidential.

Please note that a membership fee is payable if you are accepted. It is currently set at €30 per year.

Street address
Personal e-mail address
Personal phone number
Medium or other institution
Work journalism public affairs
E-mail of editor or employer
Country of operation
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The name of at least one EJN member who recommends you for membership.

Applications without a recommendation will not be considered.